“Vibrancy”, the spring/summer 2024 collection from kleinbasel Full of positivity, vibrant colors, light and airy styles and lots of esprit. The collection ranges from vibrant to a soft monochrome look or accentuated in energetic combinations. The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection combines both bold and straight lines. The specially designed “Painting” pattern blends in with […]


Unagitated, clear and wonderful – the characteristics of the kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection promise favorite pieces to ring in autumn and look forward to winter. “Courant de marbre” The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection is characterized by particularly fine fabrics, unique details and precise cuts. The main focus of the collections is always on […]


“la vie paisible” A sense of style, an eye for detail and craftsmanship are central components of the collections by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein and her team. The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection of clothes and bags emphasises casual, elegant aesthetics. Elements of minimalism, flowing silhouettes and relaxed mix & match are unceremoniously combined with […]


«Synergie» / «synergiques» Recognising the familiar, discovering the new and transforming into the future with inspiration. This interaction is reflected in the autumn/winter 2022/23 collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein and her team. The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection of clothes and bags skilfully combines a variety of models, materials, colours and statement prints, tension […]


„Sérénité / Gelassenheit“ The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection of dresses and bags for Spring Summer 2022 creates exciting contrasts from the variety of styles, colours and statement prints that spread serenity and joie de vivre. Fresh, vital and cheerful shades show their diverse side and awaken the longing for light-heartedness. The colour palette shines […]


„Marron Glacé“ Fall/Winter Collection kleinbasel by Tanja Klein The need for looks that communicate a good mood are presented for both Women and Men by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein. The contemporary design collaborates professionalism and comfort in orer to create a full Winter collection. Warm cozy textures are combined with light flowing materials. The glazed […]


“Cassata” Spring/Summer Collection 2021 von kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Colourful joie de vivre and lightness are reflected in the Summer 21 collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein. Inspired by the Sicilian way of life, colourfulness and the phenomal light on the Italian island, we have named the Summer 21 collection “Cassata”. These garments combine not […]


„émaillé“ The collection Fall/Winter 20/21 kleinbasel by Tanja Klein offers women and men a variety of possible combinations and implements the current style, which allows room for individuality. W20/21 Making of Fashion Photoshooting kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Strong, matte red tones reflect liveliness and are accompanied by a muted khaki, blue tones, as well as […]


A cool breeze of sea air and palm leaves rustling in the wind… „Breathe“ The spring / summer 2020 collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein reflects freshness & agility with the necessary touch of lightness. Video Making of Shooting Spring Summer 2020, click here Click here for the kleinbasel-Lookbook, you will find all prices and […]


Warmth, light and energy stand for movement – the label kleinbasel by Tanja Klein moves. Video Making of Shooting W19, click hier ‚FLOW‘ The new collection of the Swiss Slow Fashion label kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is as usual diverse and impresses with casual outerwear, which harmonizes with each other in color and corresponds. Trendy […]


“Bliss” Slow Fashion at its best! Crunchy and soft materials, fresh and warm shades, clear and flowing silhouettes. The collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is a blessing in its variety for every weather sensitivity and every occasion.


‘Poetic Impulse’ The Autumn / Winter 18/19 collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein’ is tailored to the lyrical depiction, because they were formed by memories and longing, the two parts that form a poetic impulse. kleinbasel by Tanja covers again in the new autumn / winter collection a wide range of colors, diverse materials and […]


 Frühling Sommer 2018 “Assoziation” Das Frühjahr steht für Regen, der Sommer für Sonner, beides zusammen erstrahtl zu einem lebendigen Regenbogen. Beim kleinbasel by Tanja Klein treffen Schneiderkunst und modernes Design aufeinander und heben gekonnt die Feinheiten der verschiedenen Nuancen in ihrer Kombinationsvielfalt hervor. Kampagne Die Models dieser Kampagne sind diesmal Persönlichkeiten aus unserem Umfeld. Wir […]


Fall Winter 2017 «Sensorium» The days are getting shorter, temperatures are falling. A cool breeze passes through the country, colorful leaves blow from the trees, while the last warm sunrays immerse the world in a pleasant light: autumn is there and the people’s feeling of life arrives at the calm and contemplative time of the […]


 Spring Summer 2017 “Swimming Pool” kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is showing an energetic collection in Spring / Summer 2017. She lives from retroperspective emotions and future-oriented clarity. Dancing light reflections, cool, calming blue and the tempting leap into the fresh water – a swimming pool awakens the senses in us and brings ideas about pleasant […]


Fall Winter 16/17 “Lyrical Reflection / Lyrische Reflektion” It is about feelings and thoughts: the Winter 2016/17 collection by Tanja Klein and her team shows how relationships between the subject and the surrounding world are reflected and abstracted in a sensitive way to something new. The Winter 2016/17 collection from the Swiss label kleinbasel combines […]


Spring Summer 2016 “Sky and Earth” The wide blue summer sky, time, the feeling of freedom were the basic inspiration of this spring-summer collection by Tanja Klein. Kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is based on super fine cotton fabrics in clear shapes, perfect for first spring days and lukewarm summer nights. Loosely loose blouses meet narrow […]


Autum Winter 2015-16 «Ease – flowing lightness» Supple yet flowing lightness combine in the new Autumn / Winter collection 15-16 kleinbasel. This season the designer Tanja Klein shows new and surprising perspectives. Her principles she remains always faithful: uncomplicated and easily combinable styles with a perfect and clear cut. The careful choice of materials of […]


Spring Summer 2015 «Kaleidoscope» Urban lifestyle and ethnic inspirations come together in the new collection of designer Tanja Klein. With the collection Spring Summer 2015 she lit for her label kleinbasel the topic Kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope word comes from the Greek and means “see beautiful shapes”. We still believe in a honest and authentic counseling […]


Autum Winter 2012 „Games of shadows“«Games of shadows» Contemporary wintery shilouettes combined with dark colors are changing lihgt & shadows to a collection which seems realy alive.


Spring Summer 2013 «Mimikry-sharade of nature» Reflecting green influenced by lights upon the urban atmosphere, assumed oposed colors – nothing is the way it seams.


Autum Winter 2014 «Eclectic Times» The collection is characterized by the choice of color of a deep, rich dark. The interaction with wool and silk materials is complemented by the formal strict leather bags and accessories. Playing with shapes and materials reflects a touch of mysticism. We still believe in a honest and authentic counseling […]


Spring Summer 2014 «Lemon sorbet for breakfast» Sorbet shades such as raspberry, pistachio, lemon and mint, pastels in delicate cream and rose shades as well as nudes like vanilla and greige — a choice of colours inspired by the 1950ies.


Autum Winter 2013 «Alice in wonderland» Alice is wondering: new shapes and outfits are to be discovered. Alice in wonderland is taking us to her surprising world from kleinbasel…for all the girls in woman.

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