Fall Winter 2017


The days are getting shorter, temperatures are falling. A cool breeze passes through the country, colorful leaves blow from the trees, while the last warm sunrays immerse the world in a pleasant light: autumn is there and the people’s feeling of life arrives at the calm and contemplative time of the year.

The Designteam around Tanja Klein has a sensor for up-to-date and modernity and combines casual silhouettes with impressive prints and high-quality fabrics. Must-Haves include jackets, coats and cool reinterpretations of unisex backbags. Women and men are delighted: the styles live and experience with the wearer the urban everyday life.


The Fall / Winter Collection 2017/18 invites you to experience new horizons of perception through skilful cutting, high-quality materials, new colors and designs. The variations show new forms of sensitivity. The energy of the strong and vibrant colors exude pleasure, darker muted tones create a feeling of comfort and stability, the bright colors provide the necessary freshness. A variety of blue tones reminiscent of the afternoon sky and exudes feelings of serenity and calm.


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