From the very beginning, since 2001, a fair, socially sustainable and long-term partnership with our small manufacturers, leather and fabric suppliers has been our credo. Since then, we still work with the same productons, weavers and tanneries.

We want to offer a valued, sustainable alternative: no mass production, short production routes, no social exploitation and therefore less environmental impact. We design out of conviction: fair, local and environmentally friendly clothing and accessories.

Our innovation is based on a universal understanding of design, classic craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our design culture is the attitude we take as a label towards our customers, partners, employees and producers. We work in such a way that all of the ideas and input of our employees is taken into consideration and implemented within our work and designs.

The Lifetime Repair Service for our bags is the repair service we have been offering for kleinbasel bags since the very beginning. Bring us or send your kleinbasel bag to our flagship store in Basel if you want a professional and long-lasting repair. We will send you a price quotation and your bag will be professionally repaired in the same factory in Ticino where the bag was made.

We conserve our resources:

Origin of used textiles


kleinbasel’s clothes, bags and accessories are available in its own store in Basel, in the Partener store in Zurich as well as in selected stores in Switzerland (see also stores or contact).

Our bags are 100% Swiss Made, our clothes 100% Swiss Design and produced in nearby Europe under socially fair conditions.

kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is a member of Swiss Label, Best Swiss, Stadtkonzepte Basel and Buy Local.

We promote the Swiss workplace, because we design our fashion in Basel and still produce and sell our leather bags in Switzerland.

With its crossbow, SWISS LABEL cultivates the promotion of Swiss products and services. SWISS LABEL deals with brand and label care in the broadest sense. The term Swiss Label is a seal of origin for products from Switzerland.

Let yourself be inspired by fashion from here!
Laufmeter raises awareness of sustainability in the fashion world and gives fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to set an example for more conscious consumption with their purchasing decisions.

Wear high-quality clothing for longer, buy locally and fairly: slow fashion is the counter-movement to fast fashion. It stands for the conscious use of resources, including in the closet. However, production conditions – both social and ecological – and production routes are often incomprehensible.

Here you can find out who designed the clothes and accessories and where they were produced. You can also discover a new favorite label from your region in the new “Directory of Swiss Fashion Labels”.

Buy Local is an association of independent businesses that provide dedicated and competent service, revitalize neighborhoods and city centers, and create meeting zones. BUY LOCAL Switzerland sees itself as a quality label for consumers who want to shop consciously and sustainably – who think ahead and buy closer.

StadtKonzeptBasel’s aim is to work together with city-relevant partners to promote a contemporary, diverse, attractive and eventful destination for Basel and to strengthen it in the long term.urban issues are viewed holistically and the skills and cooperation are used in partnership in the interests of the users and in the interests of the members for urban development. StadtKonzeptBasel operates various independent, innovative and cross-industry platforms and the StadtBonBasel, develops and implements experience formats and develops overall strategic concepts for the destination of Basel.

The Swiss association and platform for design and contemporary arts and crafts FormForum promotes Swiss design and applied art of high design quality. The members are offered competitions, sales exhibitions and further education. In addition, FormForum Switzerland sees itself as an information hub for all interested parties.

The Basel-Statt Trade Association offers SME companies, associations and other organizations various services, including, for example, networking events, consulting and service offers. Tanja Klein GmbH is well networked in the SME environment and is interested in Basel as a place to live and work for people who are involved in daily life and are committed to our common living space.

The Basel Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of its members and engages in constructive dialogue with politicians and the administration to this end. It provides framework conditions for the benefit of companies and society. It provides its members with sound advice and offers a strong network in the region.

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