“la vie paisible”

A sense of style, an eye for detail and craftsmanship are central to the collections of kleinbasel by Tanja Klein and her team.

The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection of clothes and bags emphasises casual, elegant aesthetics. Elements of minimalism, flowing silhouettes and relaxed mix & match are unceremoniously combined with an absolutely considered approach to fashion consumption.

Exciting contrasts from the variety of styles, colours and statement prints that spread serenity and joie de vivre. Unobtrusive and eye-catching at the same time, in the office or after work, the combination of carefree elegance and contemporary sophistication is reflected in the cuts and colouring. The “calm” or “hydro” prints created in-house harmonise with the plain colours and allow for endless combination possibilities. The “la vie paisible” collection reflects diversity and simplicity at the same time.

The colour palette includes a delicate shade of lilac, reminiscent of flower meadows and wonderfully fragrant lavender fields. Energetic blues and berries as well as neutral powders and natural colours balance in exquisite balance.

Combined with a bag handmade in Switzerland, kleinbasel by Tanja Klein achieves the perfect overall look, as the bag collection is coordinated in the colours true to the line. The look is casual without losing its high quality and timelessness. The models by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein enchant with fine materials, the finest workmanship and finesse for details.

Development and production in harmony with sustainability, fair value creation and a passion for what we do, kleinbasel by Tanja Klein distances itself from fast-moving consumerism. Our passion is in every garment, every bag and every accessory, they should give pleasure for many years and are made to become long-lasting favourite pieces.


Photography by Philipp Jecker

Hair & Make Up: Najat Zinbi

Styling & Concept: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

Location: Rheinufer, Rheinbad Breite