It is only with great commitment and passion that it is possible to reinvent a slow fashion label over and over again, without ever forgetting its roots, story and DNA. This is possible only with clear Styling and a versatile dedicated team who shares the passion for fashion, handwork and social fair production.

Tanja Klein

Tanja Klein, founder, fashion designer, owner and managing director, interested and curious frequent traveler and networker

“The coffee at my herb garden on my balcony is the perfect start of the day for me. I love exploring the world, discovering new things and incorporating my inspiration into the collections and my label.”

Sarah Tschanz

Sarah Tschanz, dressmaker and sales consultant, funny, warm and open communicator with a authentic Bern accent


A smile does not cost anything, so give it to anyone you meet.

Piades Reinhard

Head of Administration and Sales, Member of the Executive Board since 2019, polyvalent multi-thinker with many ideas and positiv Engagement.


“On the bottom of the facts is clearly too little glitter.”

I love inspiring conversations with good friends, enjoying a nice aperitif, feeling the summer breeze on my neck and laughing heartily.

Anja Oelhafen

Designer, Head of Purchasing and Finance, Member of the Executive Board since 2017, informed and unwavering co-thinker with a lot of commitment in the background.

“Let’s say it freely: The wonderful is always beautiful; any miracle is beautiful, beautiful is really only the wonderful … ” André Breton

Sarah Schubenel

Graphic designer, Stylist for all our shootings and Master of our Webshop brings kleinbasels DNA visible and to live!

“Design surrounds me in my life since my childhood, it makes my life more beautiful, it touches me, it pleases me or annoys me, good design accompanies people for many years, sometimes a whole life …”

Annatina Wiggermann

Fashion Designer, head of studio and pattern engineer, talented model developer with a sense of the kleinbasel DNA and a knack for proportions.

“Turning an abstract idea into a high-quality item of clothing by design inpires me.”