„Sérénité / Gelassenheit“

The kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collection of dresses and bags for Spring Summer 2022 creates exciting contrasts from the variety of styles, colours and statement prints that spread serenity and joie de vivre.

Fresh, vital and cheerful shades show their diverse side and awaken the longing for light-heartedness. The colour palette shines with mango sorbet nuances and strong energetic tones.

The sky and water are reflected in various shades of blue. White and light pastel colours complement and calm.

From now on, the first news are presented in our shop for a sniff. From mid-February the collection will be available in the new shop and online.


Photography by Philipp Jecker
Hair & Make Up: Najat Zinbi
Styling & Concept: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein
Location: Warteck, Basel
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