The fall/winter collection of the Swiss label kleinbasel combines sophisticated design , pioneering tradition and motivating vision of the future with timeless modernity, rationality relaxed and feminine sensuality. An encounter of casual elegance and casual aesthetics, decorated with delicate lyrical and pure femininity.


W16-17_01_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_02_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_04_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_05_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_06_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_07_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_08_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_03_kleinbasel_72

W16-17_09_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_10_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_11_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_12_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_13_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_14_kleinbasel_72 W16-17_15_kleinbasel_72

Please be patient during downloading the images, it could take a while due to high definitions pics.

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