From the beginning, sustainability and social fairness are important topics for the designer Tanja Klein and her team. kleinbasel by Tanja Klein has come up with something new and launched the Project “Bring us your old bag”.

From mid-August to the end of October, customers who own small-scale bags from the past collection from kleinbasel should be able to hand them back to kleinbasel in the shop in Basel. At the same time they can choose a new bag of which they receive a discount of 25%. Of course, we can also sew the favorite model in new leather, in this case we do not charge the surcharge of the cost of a single production and the customer receives a discount of 15% on the new price. Here a deposit of one third of the price must be made.

What does kleinbasel by Tanja Klein do with the returned products?
Of course, this depends on the size of the returned product and the condition of the leather.

1. If the returned bag is in “perfect condition”: We grease and care for the bag and sell it at a massively reduced price of 50% of the new value. Of this, 25% goes to a Social Project to the Amie Fondation,, wich supports Young mothers enterin the job market
2. Upgrade, new product, upcycle: In our studio, we take the bags apart, cut up the leather, sort out and bundle the leather remnants according to size. Then we make new products
like our popular Linea XS, Linea, Ruga wallet, Porta Chiavi key Bands (out of the carriers of the bags), various belts, which have received a patina in the past. Then we sell the newly created products from the beginning of December in our shop in Basel, just in time for Christmas

We hand over the bags which are not reusable to

We think it is time to go new ways and would like to set a sign here.
This offer is exclusively for our bag collection. The offer can not be cumulated with other discount vouchers.
The project runs from 15.8. until 31.10.2019


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