On Saturday, June 22nd, from 10am to 2pm, our SummerApero and our first (and probably not the last) Bike Cleaning Event will take place in the kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Shop in Basel.

Come along and watch our first autumn collection news and the new summer collection. With a glass of Prosecco or a strong espresso you can look around informally.

At the same time you can have your bike cleaned. 5 pupil of the 5th grade will clean your bike for the fee of CHF 7.00 and thus fill their moneybag.

If you buy a product at kleinbasel by Tanja Klein, then the CHF 7.00 will be deducted from the price and kleinbasel pays your share to the children.

For the Bike Cleaning applies: First come, First serve, no repairs are made!


Happy to welcome you on the upcoming Saturday.

Bring a Friend!

Tanja Klein and Team

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