In the kleinbasel by Tanja Klein shop, all students with a UNI Basel student card receive 10% off all products bearing the kleinbasel logo.

“I was fascinated by the creative possibilities of using fabrics, leather, colours and prints to tell a holistic story. That’s how I design our collection, it’s an interplay of different ways of expression. “Tanja Klein

Our design is based on a universal understanding of design, classic craftsmanship, attention to detail and professional and honest sales advice. Our design culture is the attitude that we as a label take towards our customers, partners, employees and producers. We design the framework conditions in such a way that the creativity and innovative spirit of all our employees is encouraged and harnessed.

Under the label ‘kleinbasel ‘ we have been creating timeless, feminine dresses, leather bags and accessories since 2001. Made of noble, natural materials, the urban woman finds special favourite pieces for every day and occasion. Since 2015, kleinbasel has also had the right clothes and leather bags for men.
The careful selection of materials always takes into account the high demand for quality. Traditional craftsmanship, quality and style are combined here. The professional and honest sales advice is held in high esteem, especially in this digitalised age.

We maintain a long-standing and cooperative partnership with our manufactories, employees and customers.

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