Support Your Locals, kleinbasel by Tanja Klein
There are sentences that Tanja Klein will remember for the rest of her life. For example, when a regular customer came to her shop after the reopening in May, she beamed and said: “I didn’t go anywhere else and I didn’t order anything online. I just waited until you were open again”. An indescribable feeling. This appreciation for her work, for the time she and her team spend on the collections, the passion that goes into them – this appreciation for sustainable fashion, which also has its price, is what Tanja Klein would like to see for all local labels. “I hope that the local awareness of society will grow and that people will think more about why they pay how much and from whom. With us you can find out who is behind the products and what elaborate steps are required to produce the finished garment”. All these factors make a visit to Tanja Klein always eventful and informative.
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