The label kleinbasel by Tanja Klein shows an energetic collection in spring / summer 2017. She lives from retroperspectivic emotions and future-oriented clarity. Dancing light reflections, cool, calming blue and the tempting leap into the fresh waters – a swimming pool awakens the senses in us and associations to a pleasant warm summer break, accompanied by lively cheerfulness and energetic joy of life, even in the balmy evening hours.


S17_01_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_02_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_02a_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_03_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_05_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_06_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_07_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_08_kleinbasel_PR72

S17_09_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_10_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_11_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_12a_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_13_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_14_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_15_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_16_kleinbasel_PR72

S17_17_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_18_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_19_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_20_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_21_kleinbasel_PR72 S17_04_kleinbasel_PR72

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