„Marron Glacé“ kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

The need for looks that communicate a good mood are presented for both Women and Men by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein. The contemporary design collaborates professionalism and comfort in orer to create a full Winter collection.


Warm cozy textures are combined with light flowing materials. The glazed and candied colors are met with joyfull targeted colour accents. Offwhite varations convey the lightness of the collection, whereas the earthy tones communicate a feeling of well being and comfort. Throughout the collection a spark of color can be found within coordinated monochrome looks. Bringing life to the collection.


The current Athflow aesthetic is appropiate and stylish in any place at
any time this comming Winter. This trend is made up of uncomplicated, easily combined garments and bags that can be styled for any occasion. Creating a series of impressionable and sophisticated yet casual silhouettes that can be worn for home office, a 1 to 1 meeting or/and an evening event with friends. The diversity offered within the different garments creates the perfect outfits as mentioned previously for any occassion and paired with a Swiss handmade kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Leather bag any of the outfits are complete and transformed.


With Sustainability taken not only into consideration, but used as a foundation for our brand; both in design and production, every garment is fairly produced. As well as produced and sold in a manner wich reflects slow fashion ethics. Our passion is to be found within each garment and leather bag, just as all of the years of hard and fun work.


Our sustainability does not just play a role within production and within the design stages. It also plays a major role in how we sell our products but also in how we treat the products we love after they have left the shop with a happy client. In order to prolong the lives of our products and to continue adding quality, we use our Atelier to tailor garments, fix them and keep taking care of them through out their lifecycle.


W21_22 Pressemitteilung




Credits: Photography by Philipp Jecker

Hair & Make Up: Najat Zinbi

Styling & Concept: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

Model: Zoe Beltracchi by Option

Location: Galerie Nicolas Krupp

Werke: Rudolf Maeglin



Bluse Nova in mandarin 298.00 - Jupe Gitta in mandarin 298.00 - Tasche Somma in dunkelbraun 639.00

Shirt Midi in cranberry 339.00 - Hose Deleni in schwarz 339.00 - Tasche Vita in dunkelbraun 169.00

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