Designer Tanja Klein focuses with her spring/summer collection 2016 on very subtle cotton fabrics with clear cuts, ideal for spring and the first warm summer nights. Finest Piqué fabrics ensure excitement with the silhouette and with the right amount of volume new highlights are being set. A wide lose blouse combined with narrow trousers and bell swinging skirts with narrow shirts. New materials ensure it is casual and classy.


S16_01_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_03_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_04_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_05_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_06_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_08_kleinbasel_PR_72  S16_11_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_12_kleinbasel_PR_72

S16_02_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_10_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_07_kleinbasel_PR_72 S16_09_kleinbasel_PR_72

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