“Every wave belongs to the sea”

Changes keep us flexible and guide us to new ideas and their implementation.

AtelierShop – This store should be a sign for the sustainable philosophy that has been lived for a long time at kleinbasel by Tanja Klein. With us no styles were and are wasted or disposed of. We stand for slow fashion and want to continue to live this through this AtelierShop.

Second and third season models from past kleinbasel by Tanja Klein collections, samples, unique pieces, second hand and special offers of leather bags are sold here at reduced prices. A unique shopping experience, currently only online due to the renewed lockdown.

In return, there will be no more SALE in our store on Schneidergasse from now on, the current First Season collection will always remain regular.
We deliberately refrain from devaluing our work and in the future we will guarantee the customer that her dress, which she bought in the fall, will not be cheaper to buy in the spring.

In this way we increase the sales and life cycle of our designs and creations.

AtelierShop kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

At the moment due to the new LockDown only ONLINE available!

For further information please contact us by phone or email.

Tanja Klein

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