kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Store in Basel in the new Outfit

Since this summer the small basel flagship store at the Schneidergasse in Basel is showing itself in a new dress.

The interior of the store opened in 2009 in the beautiful old town quarter was completely renovated. The new elements are clear and reduced, thus giving Tanja Klein a lot of space and placing them in the foreground.

The new image of wood, white color and crude steel, as well as black twisted cables to bare light bulbs, has also been shown in the materials used. In the rear part of the spacious and bright shop floor a cut-out and work table has been integrated, so the customers get direct contact to the smallbasel studio work and the creation of a collection.


Idea and Conzept: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein, Damaris Debrunner, Beda Klein

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