W15_16 / Ease – Fashion Show

Each season takes the designer Tanja Klein new, surprising perspectives in the design and presentation of their collections. However, its principles, it remains always faithful: uncomplicated and easily combinable parts with a perfect and clear cut. The careful choice of materials of high standards of quality is respected. It combine traditional craftsmanship, quality and style.
The currently held EASE Fashion Show on October 15, shows a selected choice of collection.
In Cooperation with the STAGE SCHOOL ZURICH, a friendly dance school for Contemporary and Classic Dance, a choreography for kleinbasel was developed.
The 2 shows are at 17 and 20 clock instead of the flagship store of kleinbasel by Tanja Klein, Schneidergasse 24, 4051 Basel.
Come and let yourself be surprised by the collection incl. The new bag models, the aperitif, sound and choreography.
Contributors Models: Stage School Zurich
Choreography: Nicoletta Braunschweig
Sound: Nicoletta Braunschweig and Robin
Collection dresses and bags: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein


Ease fashion show W15_16 für NL_Mail

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