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Our long awaited trip to Colombia in South America leads us from Bogota via Cartagena, passing among others the foundation “Aluna”. From the historic district of Cartagena to Santa Marta, on foot in 4 days to the indigenous city “Ciudad Perdida” (the Lost City) in the middle of the rainforest and back, over the peninsula Barù and back to Cartagena to the trendy district Getsemani.

I have decided to share this trip with you in 3 posts, one for each part of the trip and 1 post for the foundation “Aluna”.

Thank you for your likes and comments.

Colombia is a diverse, interesting and contrary to many opinions, a pretty safe country these days too. Most people here are very polite and friendly, eager to make their country better, move forward and better organised.

Omnipresent and remarkable, besides the openness, is the enthusiasm for (salsa) music, good food and a remarkable joie de vivre, which is present in every age and social class.

About 50. 9 million people live in Colombia on an area of 1,141,748 km².
Of these, around 10 million live in the capital Bogotà in the centre of Colombia.

Cartagena is an old garrison city in the north of Colombia on the Caribbean Sea, with a wonderful old town, an imposing old city wall, which houses many beautiful houses with courtyards, partly private houses, partly hotels, small shops, etc. There are already some shops in Cartagena. There are already some shops that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and produce in a socially fair way. There are also some venerable bars and salsa clubs such as Café Havana (anything but a café) or Qiebra Canto, with live music for dancing every day.
The currently very trendy Getsemani district is up-and-coming and has many beautiful, old architectural details.

Here are a few impressions for you, enjoy!

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