Black Friday, no thank you – White Friday is on!

A few years ago the big bargain hunt of “Black Friday” from America reached Switzerland. But not everywhere this action day, with its true discount battle, meets with love.

The label kleinbasel by Tanja Klein stands since over 20 years for sustainability and social fairness and we are committed to fair prices and sustainable production all year round, so we cannot support this business model.

Now White Friday has been launched as a Swiss alternative by @villa_paul_baden: On this day, customers pay the full price, but part of the daily turnover goes to a non-profit organisation or a meaningful, sustainable project.

On White Friday, 29 November 2019, we will donate 10% of the daily turnover to Fashion Revolution.

Fashion Revolution is committed to greater transparency in the fashion industry and conscious, sustainable consumption.
As an additional sign, we are designing our shop window in Basel from 27.11 to 3.12 in Weiss.

Do you also want to set an example?

Then come and visit us from 27.11 to 3.12 with a white Origami paper star, best with your name on it. We will use this for our Christmas shop window.

Here your find the link how to fold paper starts!

It’s time for a white wave!!





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