Curriculum Vitae Tanja Klein 1967
designer and owner of the label kleinbasel Together with her team of 9 persons, Tanja Klein designs, develops, produces, sells and sells her collections in her own store in Basel and in selected stores in Switzerland.

2019 Online Shop carries next to the leather goods also the fasion collection.
Closing Shop Bern

2018 We are moving our design studio to Imbergässli 5 in Basel

2017 Making of collection and fashion consulting for: Paul Ullrich AG, Amt für Justizvollzug Bern, Bardusch AG

2016 Opening kleinbasel by Tanja Klein Shop Bern

2016 Renovation and Reopening of the Flagship sSore in Basel

2016 The label receives the addition “by Tanja Klein”

2015 EASE FashionShow at the flagship store in Basel

2015 Order Staff Clothing Landesmuseum Zurich

2015 Promo in Globus Basel 2014 kleinbasel Pop Up Store In Viadukt 21 in Zurich

2014 Redesign CI kleinbasel, new label ‘Limited Edition’, models available exclusively from kleinbasel

2014 Designs from the kleinbasel collection are included in the textile design collection of the Swiss National Museum

2012 competition for the design of the team clothing of the Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB)

2011 move into the new showroom / studio on the Solothurnerstrasse in Basel

2009 kleinbasel goes Grossbasel, relocation flagship store to Schneidergasse 24 in Basel

2008 Opening of kleinbasel shop at Bäckerstrasse 56 in Zurich

2007 profit competition, implementation of clothing concept for employees «James, living with service», ZH

2006 Opening of kleinbasel shop at Clarastrasse 11 in Basel + Gewinn competition clothing concept Schuluniformen in Basel

2005-2006 Part-time preparatory course, School of Design in Basel

2003 launch of the ‘kleinbasel’ bag collection

2002 Further education for fashion designer HFP in Zurich + Creation of collections for different clients

2001 Label foundation ‘kleinbasel’ with clothes collection 1994 Own shop with couture workshop in Basel

1989-1991 stay abroad in Los Angeles + New York

1986-1989 training as a seamstress