24./25./26. November 2017 Blickfang Bern: and now also NEW in Bern, kleinbasel by Tanja Klein is participating!

FR | 24. November 2017 | 14.00 bis 21.00 Uhr
SA | 25. November 2017 | 11.00 bis 20.00 Uhr
SO | 26. November 2017 | 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr



Blickfang Zürich
Launch of the CarrerBike in Basel: Drinks Music and Friends
Launch of the CarrerBike in Bern: Happy Birthday 1 Year Bern and CarrerBikes
In&Out Designfair in Aarau
Globus Bern, Sale and Presentation

Loufmeter Bern: we are for once Guest at the Fashionshow in the Bern Old Town

kleinbasel by Tanja Klein @ Swiss Design Market, Bern: Pop Up Store

First Night Shopping in Basel

Opening Shop Bern with Nicole Berchtold and Fashion Show “Lyrical Reflections”, Bern

“Kiss me under the mistetoe”, Launch Christmas Window with Video and Live-Kiss, Basel

In and Out Designmesse, Aarau

Launch first Mens Collection from kleinbasel by Tanja Klein, Basel

ReOpening Party Shop Basel with Fashion Show “Lyrical Reflections”, Basel

Renovation Shop Basel

Guerilla Fashion Show at Art Basel from kleinbasel by Tanja Klein, Basel

Royal Blush Pop up Store – Be our Guest at kleinbasel at Shop Basel

Fashion Revolution at kleinbasel in Zürich

Second Ladys Only Night, mit Ramstein Optik und Ullrich AG, Basel

kleinbasel Art days, Basel


Blickfang Zürich, Prasentation und Sale, Zurich

First EASE Fashionshow in our Flagshipstore in Basel, in Cooperation with Stage School Zurich

Atelier Sales in our Studio in Basel

10 Design Days at Globus Basel

Ladys only Event: a Joint Venture Projekt with Ramstein Optik, Basel. To bee continued.

Kreislauf 4+5, Zürich

Blickfang Basel, Sale and Presentation, Messe Basel

Salon Zurich, Order Fair for Fashion and Accessoires, Kunsthaus Zurich, Foyer

Das Wa(h)renlager, Sale, Münchenstein


Design Schenken in Lucern, Presentation and Sale,

Store Opening Pop Up Store kleinbasel im Viadukt..21

In&Out Designfair in Langenthal

Orderfair SS2015, Salon Zurich, Foyer Kunsthaus Zürich

Art days by kleinbasel, Martina Böttiger, Sculptures, Paintings, Ceramic

Kreislauf 4+5, Zurich Showcase of Summer collection by kleinbasel „Lemon sorbet for breakfast“

Globus sells selected pieces from the kleinbasel collection, presentation + sale, St. Gallen

Un-Dress, presentation, sale and fashion show, St. Gallen


DesignSchenken, presentation + sale, Luzern

Neue Räume, presentation as joint adventure with Form Forum, Zurich

Designgut, presentation + sale,

Winterthur In and Out, presentation + sale, Langental

Fashionfair Order Now SS2014, Museum Bellerive, Zurich

Kreislauf 4+5, Zurich Herren Globus, presentation + sale, Basel

Film „Making of Summer 2013“  Fashion shooting with Model Lisa Metier

HABIT2 Fashion show, Shop + Lounge, presentation + sale Sud Basel, Co-organisation and Graphic Design by kleinbasel

Blickfang13, presentation + sale , Basel Fashionfair Order Now AW13_14, Hotel Zurichberg, Zurich


Swiss Designers Showroom by Mercedes Fashion Week, ZurichIn and Out, presentation + sale, Schönewerd

Designmarkt, presentation + sale, Dreispitzhalle Basel

Salon Edelweiss, presentation + sale at Hotel Tiffany, Geneva

Fashionfair Order Now SS2013, Hotel Zurichberg, Zurich

Open Doors by kleinbasel und raeto studer architekten. We show you where we develop our collections.

Kreislauf 4und5, Zurich

HABIT Show, Shop and Lounge, fashion show, presentation + sale , Co-organisation and Grafic Design by kleinbasel

Fashionfair Order Now AW10-11, Hotel Zurichberg, Zurich


Second Moleskin X-Mas Catalogue from kleinbasel incl. wishlist Heiliger

BIMBAM, X-Mas Market at the Plaza, Zurich

Relocation of the Design Studio

Blickfang11, presentation + sale , Zurich

Fashionfair Order Now SS12, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich

Blickfang11, presentation + sale, Basel

Fashionfair Order Now AW12-13, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich


first Moleskin X-Mas Catalogue from kleinbasel incl. wishlist

Blickfang10, presentation an sale, Zurich

Popcorn Salon: kleinbasel celebrates 2 years anniversary in Zurich with a fashion show

Designgut, Design for public, Wintherthur

Be our guest: Label Peter Müller from Basel is our guest in Zurich

Lili in a Box, Art & Fashion Event , limited Edition of Designer Shirts, Fashion and contemporary Dance Show

Fashionfair Order Now S11, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich

Catwalk in Public Space, Fashion show, Basel

Fashion show for the Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt

Nachtmarkt, Night market at the Volkshaus, presentation an sale, Zurich

Blickfang10, presentation an sale, Basel

Movie „Making of Shooting“ Collection AW2009

Fashionfair Order Now AW11-12, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich


kleinbasel dislocates the shop: new adresse is Schneidergasse 24, 4051 Basel

Blickfang09 presentation an sale, Zürich

Blickfang SPOTS: we present the label MILCH at our shop, Zurich Happy Birthday! 1 year kleinbasel Shop Zurich, Fashion show, Zurich

Fashionfair Order Now SS10, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich

kleinbasel is guest of Globus, presentation and sale, Zurich

Designmarkt, presentation and sale, Dreispitzhalle, Basel

Fashionfair Order Now AW10-11, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich


Installation Windowsdisplay at Ramstein-Optik, Basel

Catwalk in Public Space, Fashion show, Basel

Kreislauf 4and5, Zurich

Fashion show at Eo Ipso for Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt

Green Fashion09: Fashion show for Green Fashion Switzerland, Basel

Fashionfair Order Now SS09, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich

Blickfang08 presentation an sale, Zürich

Blickfang08 presentation an sale, Vienna, Austria

Store opening at Zurich at the Bäckerstrasse 56, 8004 Zürich

Fashionfair Order Now AW09-10, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich

Blickfang08 presentation and sale, Stuttgart, Germany

Fashion Room Basel08, organisation, presentation and sale, Basel


Play the other side, Event with, print your own shirt, Art Basel07, Basel

Muba07 Basel, Fashion show, Basel

Design Contest UBS, James, Wohnen mit Service, design and development apparel, Zurich

Blickfang07 presentation and sale, Stuttgart, Germany

Fashion Weeks07, organisation, presentation and sale, Basel

Blickfang07, presentation and sale, Zurich


Blickfang 06, presentation and sale, Zurich

Kiosk unterwegs is our guest at the kleinbasel store: temporary sale of curios design and innovative ideas

kleinbasel store opening, Basel

Contest Schooluniform, design and development of the collection for 2 classes, Basel

Extended2, das Schiff, fashion show and sale, Basel

Schaumode Modenschau 06, fashion show and opening day, Basel

Fashion Weeks 06 Basel, organisation, presenstation and sale, Basel


Blickfang05, presentation and sale, Zurich

Arti Chose, presentation and sale, Basel

Muba05, fashion show and sale, Basel

Prognose, kleinbasel is guest at the Prognose Store, Basel


Best of Swiss Fashion, das Zelt, fashion show, kleinbasel is on tour in Basel, Zürich, Aarau, Luzern, St. Gallen + Bern

On Construction, presentation and sale, Basel


Blickfang03, presentation and sale, Zurich

Cross & Cross, fashion show and sale, Museum Winterthur


Blickfang02, presentation and sale, Zurich

Fashion on Tour, kleinbasel is on tour, Bern, Basel + Zürich


Quer Fashionlounge, sale, Zurich

Blickfang01, presentation and sale, Zurich

Fashion on Tour, kleinbasel on tour, Basel, Zürich + Bern


Salut les Couleurs, Fashionshow, Basel


Train station, fashionshow, Basel