Simple Bag

So, now we have turned a backpack into a super simple bag. With a few simple steps the attractive, light backpack becomes a bag. The design tricks are as follows: the long straps are there to carry the bag over the back. If you then want to carry your bag, simply use the long handles. You will be able to fix the straps to the inside of the trimming very easily, it’s child’s play.

So you can switch from using the bag through the backpack back to the bag during the day like a game.

Worn as a bag, the Simple Bag can also carry a lot for you: from a light jacket to a scarf, Tupperware for lunch, your water bottle as well as your most personal items such as your mobile phone, cosmetics, glasses, Molseskin agenda and diary……we are sure you will love this bag, which can also be a backpack!

Like all our products, this bag/backpack is designed in our studio in Basel and produced in Ticino at fair conditions. We have been working with the same team for 20 years, we phone the bag manufacturers almost daily.

size 42 • 32 • 9 cm (h•w•d)

structured calf leather, small inside pocket with key ring, no lining

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