Bag Doppia

The new bag Doppia (which means double) is really a beautiful design from our design pen: 2 pockets, the small one is attached to the larger one with snap fasteners, can also be carried as a mini-single bag with the detachable carrier. Or you can use it as an outside pocket on the larger bag. Or you make 2 separate pockets out of one…..the applications are versatile and can be combined again and again.

The larger one can also be used as a clutch, so it is versatile in everyday life or as an evening bag. As always with our 100% Swiss Made leather bags: in the morning combined with the sneakers, the styling is perfect for everyday use. But when you put on your nice shoes in the evening, your Doppia can complete your super beautiful styling as an evening bag.

I am convinced by the Doppia’s many uses, the beautiful leather, the sophisticated functionality and the perfect proportions. The model is available in fine, light cowhide in many different colours or in laminated metallic leather in many shades.


Real genuine leather, adjustable strap, removable outside Mini-Bag with pressbuttons, big Bag with cotton lining, small bag without lining

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