Elina Shopping Bag

Imagine: you already feel the first warm sunrays on your face, the evenings are getting longer with this light that makes you so happy. You decide to pick up your bag and not go home after work: no, the first friend you meet will invite you for a drink in the fresh air. With the Elina Shopping Bag you have certainly the warming cardigan with us are equipped for a longer, spontaneous night with friends. You see, with the Elina of kleinbasel by Tanja Klein you are well prepared for an exciting and inspiring summer.

size 0 • 0 • 0 cm (h•w•d)

We use laminated leather for our Elina bag, but the bag is also available in soft, grained cow leather. The bag is unlined, but has a large inner pocket made of cotton lining with zipper and key ring.

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