Linea L Leder Clutch mit Träger

Here we have considered the following: which bag can be home to my A4 documents, my phone, if necessary the I- pad, key, some money and lipstick, without me having to take my bag to the internal meeting? Based on these considerations, we have developed the Linea XL. With the long strap which is included in the price and adjustable in length, the clutch who becomes a quick back- bag can be changed easily and you’ll have a very cool appearance. The Linea XL is available in all different kinds of leathers, the leather strap is included in the price.

size 24 • 33 • 1 cm (h•w•d)

soft structured calf leather, cotton lining, Riri Zipper, adjustable strap, long strap is included in price

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229.00 CHF269.00 CHF 183.20 CHF269.00 CHF 183.20 CHF, 170.10 CHF

laminato silver
pds Sonnenleder
nero doll
laminato antracite silber
laminato platino gold
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