Etui writers Set

On the one hand, this is an appeal for more handwriting, on the other hand, the inspiration comes from the painters and visual artists: they keep their brushes in similar cases, usually made of canvas or fabric. In addition, it is the perfect gift for anyone who still likes to write by hand, does not want to own too many but good writing tools and it is so neat, you will always find.

Including the silver Caran d’Ache writing set the case costs +219.00. Please order the Caran dÀche writing set via

Caran d’Ache writing set:

1 original ballpoint pen in silver

1 original lead pencil in silver

Eraser, spare leads for the lead pencil are included.


Size 15 • 19 • 0.2cm (h•b•t)

Soft leather, leather strap, pen pockets for Caran d' Ache ( case comes with no content here, equip it yourself) . The Caran d'Ache pens are made of 925 Sterling Silver , the ballpoint pen is also made of 925 Sterling Silver. The empty case will still have room for mine pencil, and eraser refills .

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