kleinbasel designs and developes your apparel concepts such as the design and the production for teams and companys.



– Assignment Paul Ullrich AG, Conzept + Developing Apparel Employes all Shops, November’16

– Assignment Swiss National Museum, Concept + Developing Apparel for all Employes, July’15

– Assignment Ilmia GmbH, Developing Leatherbag AM/PM for Label Ilmia, April ’14

– Assignment Laser Diagnostics, Concept + Development Apparel for Doctors, October ’13

– Assignment Project Consulting Apparel for all Employes Basler Verkehrsbetriebe, January ’13 – January ’15

– Assignment Cooking Outfit for Tanja Grandits, Restaurant Stucki Basel, Oktober’12

– Design Competition and Winning Designer Concept for Apparel Employes Basler Verkehrsbetriebe BVB, Oktober ’12

– Assignment Apparel Amt for Umwelt and Energie Basel, Concept + Development Apparel Employes Littering, September ’12

– Assignment Stadtgätnerei Basel, Concept + Development Apparel Employes Friedhöfe Basel, Juni ’11

– Assignment Avia Vereinigung Switzerland, Concept + Development Apparel Employes Avia Stores, August ’09

– Assignment Laser Vista, Concept + Development Apparel Employes MPA, Binningen, August ’09

– Assignment Vista Klinik, Apparel for Grand Opening, Binningen, August ’08

– Design Competition, Winning Designer, Concept + Development for James, Living with Services, UBS, Zürich, March ’07 – June ’07

– Assignment Restaurant Bonvivant, Andreas Schürmann, Design + Development Apparel, August ’06

– Design Competition and Winning Designer for School Uniforms WBS School Basel, Pilotproject, Development ’06