‘poetic impulse’ fall/winter 2018/19 collection by kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

‘poetic impulse’

The Autumn / Winter 18/19 collection by the Swiss label ‘kleinbasel by Tanja Klein’ is tailored to the lyrical depiction, because they were formed by memories and longing, the two parts that form a poetic impulse.

Photographer: Philipp Jecker, Zürich

Hair and Make up: Najat Zinbi, Zürich

Styling: kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

W18_19 press release

W18_19 image brochure

W18_19 product overview ladies

W18_19 product overview men

                           kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_17 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_20 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_14

kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_28 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_27 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_26 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_25 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_24

kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_23 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_02 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_05 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_03 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_22 

kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_19 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_04

kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_01 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_16 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_29 kleinbasel_W_18-19_72dpi_15