From the beginnen the fair, sustainable and long Partnership with our Manufactures as well as the producers of our leathers and fabrics important for us. Since 2001 we work with the same Productions, the same Weavers and Tannerys together.

Origin of textiles

Design and Development: Basel, Switzerland

Prints: Como, Italy

Leather: Mailand, Italy

Leatheraccessoiries: Firenze, Italy

Buttons: Bielefeld, Germany

Bias: Wuperthal, Germany

Zipper: Mendrisio, Switzerland


Woven: Basel, Switzerland and Kroatia

Jerseys: Basel, Switzerland and Schwäbisch Alp, Germany

Knitting: Carpi, Italy

Leathergoods: Chiasso, Switzerland



The clothing, leatherbags and accessories of kleinbasel are available in our own shops in Basel and Zurich, as well as in selected shops in Switzerland and our own Shops in Basel and Switzerland (see Contact or Stores)