Fabric masks for people with a sense for design & style

SAFE_keeper kleinbasel by Tanja Klei

Fabric masks for people with a sense for design & style

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We thought about what we could do with our beautiful kleinbasel fabric prints, we experimented and developed. Now it’s here:

The SAFE_keeper fabric mask from kleinbasel by Tanja Klein

The ingenious cut is available in 2 sizes for men and women and is a real alternative with the kleinbasel style elements.

Our offer is aimed at private individuals, companies, teams and clubs with a sense of Swiss design and an appreciation of socially fair production.

We are of the opinion that despite the great challenge of this crisis, we should have a stylish and appreciative approach to our fellow human beings.
We show solidarity and protect the people we meet and ourselves.


  • Fabric masks made of 100% cotton or suitable mixed fabric in kleinbasel
  • Fabric print or plain with contrast edging, densely woven, double fabric
  • Washable at 60 degrees or in the oven at 70 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Size adjustable on the elastic by means of an adjustment ring behind the ear
  • Good fit through ergonomic cut
  • Adjacent to the cheek area
  • By individual insertion of a fine filter material the protection can be additionally be increase
  • It is not a medical product because it is not certified

1 fabric mask CHF 39.00
100 fabric masks various fabrics CHF 29.50 excl. MwSt

Delivery in between 4 Weeks after order, when fabric and accessories are on stock

Please Contact info@kleinbasel.net


  • Put the SAFE-keeper fabric mask against the chin with freshly washed or disinfected hands (the inside must not be touched).
  • Pull the elastic over the ears one after the other
  • Removing the mask without touching the hands on the face if possible
  • Wash/disinfect hands after removing the mas
  • After use, wash the washable fabric mask at a minimum of 60° with heavy-duty detergent and then allow to air dry.
  • Carefull: Do not inadvertently mix up used masks with fresh ones
  • f the fabric masks are damp, they lose any effect, therefore replace them promptly with a fresh fabric mask.

Stay healthy, #staysafe


Tanja Klein and the kleinbasel Team

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